Criminal Law in the EU and Environment

Giovanni BANA
Studio Legale Bana
23, Via Larga
20122 Milan

Tel: +39-0258303974
Fax: +39-0258305005
[email protected]
Studio Legale Avvocato Alberto Scapaticci
Via Solferino 55
25121 Brescia

Tel: +39 0303774004
Fax: +39 03047094
[email protected]

This Commission, in collaboration with the CSDPE, will participate with the organization of the XV edition of the Summer University which will be held in Bergamo, on 7 September 2018.

On 14 September 2018 this Commission will organize a conference, to be held at the Palace of Justice in Milan, on the topic (project) the Lawyer in the new world of justice. The theme will be defined in the coming weeks.

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