List of past UAE annuel congresses

15 June 2018The HagueXXXII Annual Congress of the UAE - Protection, Trade & Property of Data
23 June 2017RomeXXXI Annual Congress of the ELU
23-26 June 2016Alba IuliaXXXth Congress of the UAE
18-20 June 2015MàlagaXXIXth UAE Annual Congress
26-28 June 2014ViennaPunitive damages and collective actions in Europe
27-29 June 2013LisboaLa crise financière et économique en Europe: crise et reprise?
14-17 June 2012BarcelonaEnergies renouvelables en Europe - Problématiques Légales et de Marché
17-18 June 2011PescaraLa protection des situations juridiques en Droit Européen
17-18 June 2010BrusselsEffectivité et efficacité des procédures judiciaires européennes pour la protection du justiciable
28-29 May 2009Palma de MallorcaEfficacité et effectivité des normes applicables aux touristes
06-07 June 2008WroclawThe right to Privacy: the challenge between protection of individual rights and of global economy
12-15 July 2007CataniaThe entreprise in crisis
16-17 June 2006LuxembourgCongrès du XXème anniversaire de l'UAE
07-09 July 2005RomeEurope, Sport and Law
17-19 June 2004Schengen-MondorfFrom Schengen to the future Constitution: the citizen in the heart of the enlarged Europe
19-21 June 2003PescaraEuropean consumer and food safety
13-15 June 2002CreteTransparency and Investors' protection in Listed Companies
07-09 June 2001BarcelonaEurope, a new economy?
29-02 June 2000IschiaEC Law facing the new Millennium's challenges
17-18 June 1999DresdenSetting up companies in the European Union
08-09 October 1998MarseilleEuropean transports Regulation - Deregulation - Impact of the Euro Currency
29-31 May 1997Palma de MallorcaNew aspects of Human Rights in the European Union
30-01 May 1996VeniceThe jurisdictional protection of rights in the EU legal system
08-10 June 1995CorfouFrom the consumer protection to the citizen protection
23-26 June 1994LisboaEurope after Maastricht: new challenges for solicitors
27-28 May 1993AntwerpEU Law in the lawyer's daily practice
11-14 June 1992BiarritzThe Common Market - Evaluation
06-08 June 1991EdinburghThe lawyer and the citizen of 1992
23 September 1990BerlinEurope, Law and Money
22-24 June 1989MadridThe lawyer's office at the time of the Common Market
16-18 June 1988RhodesThe firm in the European Community. Present state in view of 1992
18-20 June 1987RomeThe European lawyer today, Thirty years from the Treaty of Rome