The European Lawyers’ Union has instituted the UAE Scholarship for Young Lawyers, a new and exciting project aimed at promoting our association with young lawyers and at the same time increasing the awareness and participation in our two main events of the year.

The scholarship awards an invitation of the UAE General Congress and to the General Assembly (including registration fees and travel and accommodation expenses, as per the terms and conditions), as well as two years’ free membership of the UAE. The scholarship is open to young lawyers up to 35 years registered with a Bar of the European Union (including trainee lawyers, insofar as registered with a bar), who must complete an essay on the theme of the General Congress.

This year the General Congress will be held at The Hague under the theme the legal challenges surrounding Data.

The scholarship documents are available here.

UAE Scholarship 2018 - Terms and Conditions

UAE Scholarship 2018 - Practical Directions

UAE Scholarship 2018 - Application Form

Announcement of Winners 2018