The European Lawyers' Union (UAE) brings together the practicing lawyers within the European Union, with a view to achieving common action for:

  • Promoting the professional practice of law within the European Union, as well as the education and continuous training of lawyers;

  • Advancing the right of establishment and the freedom to provide services of lawyers in the European Union;

  • Promoting the practice of EU law and of the law derived from the European Convention for the Protection on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;

  • Promoting the harmonization of the legal statute and the professional and ethical rules governing the practice of law in EU Member States;

  • Allowing European practitioners to develop contacts both between themselves and with the EU institutions.

For this purpose, the UAE and its regional delegations and commissions organize numerous conferences, seminars and other events across the European Union, frequently in cooperation with other professional associations and bodies and with EU and national authorities. The association promotes the publication of the most relevant contributions to its events, and intervenes on matters of common concern for the practice and the rule of law in Europe.