Dear U.A.E. members, dear friends:

Following last year’s successful first edition, the U.A.E. is renewing this year the U.A.E. Scholarship for young lawyers, which is aimed at promoting our Association with young lawyers and at the same time increase the awareness and participation in our two main events of the year.

The Scholarship awards an invitation to the U.A.E. Annual Congress and to the General Assembly of 2019 (including registration fees and travel and accommodation expenses up to 1.000 Euros per year), as well as two years’ free membership to the U.A.E. This year, the Annual Congress will take place on 28 June 2019 in Naples, Italy, under the theme concerning Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution, and the General Assembly will take place in November in an attractive European city (to be announced soon).

The Scholarship is open to young lawyers up to 35 years old, who are registered with a Bar of the European Union (including trainee lawyers, insofar as registered with a Bar), who must complete an essay on the theme of the Congress. All information is already available on the Scholarship website.

In order to maximize applications and essays, and ensure the success of this Project, we all must promote and advertise the Scholarship as widely as possible.

I therefore cordially invite and urge each member of the U.A.E. to contact her/his national or regional Bar, local or regional Associations, younger colleagues and other firms, and inform them of the Scholarship. Please feel free to forward this email or to download/print out the Scholarship poster if convenient.

We thank you in advance for all help you may provide in promoting this important project for our Association.

Yours sincerely,

Gabriele DONÀ